What's next?

  • If you bought an ETH Whitelist:

    Your ETH Address will be shared with the team automaticaly. You’ve nothing to do, but we recommend you to be joining the discord of the project, to ensure you’re up to date regarding last announcements.

  • If you bought a SOL Whitelist:

    The only thing you need to do is join the discord of the project. Your Discord name will be shared with the team automaticly, and the role will be given to you in the next days.

  • If you bought an NFT:

    You’ve nothing to do on your side. We’ll transfer the NFT in the next days to your wallet.

  • If you bought a Physicial:

    We’ll be sharing a tracking number using the email you gave us to follow your shipment as soon as it has been shipped. It might take days before we do get it, so do not be surprised if you don’t receive it automaticly.

    Do not forget to have a look at your spam folder from time to time.

Happy staking,
Stay DAPE ❤️



No


Your Discord ID will be used when purchasing some WL. Please make sure to copy-paste it from Discord to avoid any issues.A wrong id may result in a WL not giving away properly; the text field is case-sensitive.